About Me

Hi, there.  I’m Genoa, a registered nurse living in Denver, Colorado with my husband Kevin.
And the cutest dog in the world, Biza.
Here’s me:
I have been a nurse since 1999, but started this blog in July of 2012 as an outlet for my love of cooking, photography, fitness, travel, living a healthy lifestyle and to inspire others that everyone has the ability to be a good cook.

How I got to where I am:

My family wasn’t exactly the most active group around and cooking was not a priority in our household.  Canned goods and frozen foods were a staple.  My mom was the casserole queen (no offense mom you made one mean casserole) but, she never learned to cook growing up; therefore, neither did I.  So, a few years ago I had to make a choice, I could continue living a canned soup, Velveeta block, rice and microwave cooking dominated eating world or I could learn to cook.  I have learned about health through my training as a nurse, but have learned much more about “living” healthy from experimenting in cooking, discovering an active lifestyle, reading tons of books and learning how to put it into action.  As my skills, sometimes painfully slowly, developed as a cook I also became more health conscious.  Through all of this I learned being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult and can actually be quite fun.  So this is a chronicle of my adventures in recipes, photography and continual education in cooking.
I started this site as a way to discuss this new part of my life and also be a portal for sharing recipes, tips and photos.  I want people to enjoy cooking and by reading this blog I hope people will be encouraged to venture into the kitchen and get excited about the possibilities.  If I could learn to cook and cook healthy, then so can YOU!
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