This blog is an exhibit of a lot of hard work and energy completed by me.  I put in lots of hours cooking, blogging and taking pictures for all of you to enjoy.  So, please if you would like to use a photo or a recipe please give credit where credit is due.  The intention of this site is to be a portal for those of us out there who love to cook and experiment and share with each other things that work or don’t work.  To teach and to learn from each other, is the idea.  So, please be respectful when using this site and take the time to either rewrite things in your own words or to give credit back to my blog.

Recipes:  Whenever I get ideas from other blogs or recipe books, I always give credit back to the owner.  Recipes can’t really be copyrighted, but the wording of the directions and descriptions can be.  So, please be sure not to copy recipes or ideas word for word.  I work very hard at making each blog my own creative idea and would hope you would do the same.

Photography:  I understand taking photos is not an easy science, but stealing them from another site is just not nice.  You can post one of my photos to your own blog or website, as long as you give credit back to  Please link the photo back to my home page or the original post.  If credit is not given back to my blog, I will consider this stolen content and go through appropriate actions to have the content removed from your site.  If you have questions about using my photos for any other purpose, please be considerate and contact me first.

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