The Weekly Adventures of Insightful Girl

Well, sorry for the lapse in my chronicle of adventures, but this past weekend was moving weekend.  In other words, craziness!!!!!!   But I have to say it is done, went off without a hitch and the Yox family is now back together.  We are now living back in uptown Denver and in the thick of it.  I love the energy that comes with living in the midst of the city, it makes me feel alive.  One of my big accomplishments for the week is getting my parking permit, there is nothing worse than having to park on the street and move your car every 2 hours in front of your house to avoid a ticket.  Hey, at least I am getting my practice at parallel parking.

And here’s to a blast from the past, I watched the movie The Breakfast Club.  Ah, the 80′s…crazy hair, day-glow, acid washed jeans, aerosol hairspray, shoulder pads and Molly Ringwald.  Do you think being able to put on lipstick with your cleavage is a lost art form?   In the movie Molly Ringwald seemed to have it down to a science.  Anyways, it was the perfect film to bring out a great time for laughing.  Thanks Molly Ringwald for all the 80′s classics, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, For Keeps and last but not least The Breakfast Club.

On a more serious note the Election is over.  I want to shout it from the mountain tops, stop knocking on my door, calling my phone, sending me mail, posting signs in my yard and bombarding me with commercials.  No matter who you voted for, whether you agree or disagree the decision has been made and remember what is most important, to work together for common goals.  After all we are named the United States.  Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  And to this I will leave you with the thought below as we move into a new era with our current president.

“An idea not coupled with action will 
never get any bigger than the brain 
                                cell it occupied.” 
~Arnold Glascow~

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