The Weekly Adventures of Insightful Girl

Let’s see, this week….   To start off we had our first official snow storm.  And this desert girl, of the past 5 years, did not have a snow-scraper.  So, needless to say I had a very wet coat sleeve when I arrived to work that morning.  Despite the wet clothes, I loved every flurry.  There is something about snow that makes the world seem fresh and clean.

Also, topping the list of my “no-so-favorite” things to do, is registering your car and getting new license plates.  That was my fun adventure on Tuesday.  Can I say how expensive things are getting?  I nearly had to give my left kidney for new plates.  It cost me $480, yikes!  Guess, I can’t retire just yet.

On a brighter note, I did get to go to breakfast at a cute little place called Devil’s Food, with a coworker.  It is the cutest little diner near Washington park, decorated with old ovens, baking utensils and wooden doors.  It’s delightful.  So if your in the mood for a non-chain, unique breakfast, check it out.  Thanks, Jocelyn for showing me such a cute little place.

Recipe Review:

Cabbage Soup:

 Adorable Pumpkin Cookies:

Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  And to this I will leave you with the thought below.
I took this picture on my morning walk around Expo Park, Aurora, Colorado 2012.
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