The Weekly Adventures of Insightful Girl

This week was pretty uneventful.  Work, cook, clean and play with the dog.  I did take Biza, my dog, to City Park and there are about a billion geese there.  Really, a billion.  And a billion geese mean, truckloads of goose poop.  Something I discovered about my dog is she REALLY loves to roll in it.  It was lovely, let me tell you.  My once red dog was now red and green.  Maybe she wanted to start Christmas early.  Needless to say, once we got home she got the scrub-down of all scrub-downs.

I did get to cook some delicious food this week, so be on the lookout for those recipes.  Hope everyone had a great week and a restful weekend.  Happy Sunday!

Recipe Review:

Guilt-free Onion Dip

White Turkey Chili






Also, remember not to take life to serious, enjoy yourself and have fun.  And with this I leave you with a picture of my husband having a fun kid moment and posing with a gorilla.  Who says in your 30′s you have act like an adult.

Fun is Good.

 ~Dr. Seuss~
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