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Can I say again how I love living in the city.  I walked to the grocery store yesterday and when I arrived home realized I had forgotten the applesauce for my delicious blueberry muffins (recipe will be posted this coming week).  So, I dropped off my groceries, walked back to the store got the applesauce and was back home again 20 minutes later.  It’s awesome.  I hope I never have to fill my tank with gas again.  I should start my car every once in a while to make sure it still works.

Last Sunday was a lazy day, we ordered calzones from a place called, Sexy Pizza.  I know the name is weird, but it was delicious.  And hey if the name can distract you from the fact that your jeans will no longer fit after all the cheese you consumed, all the better.

I also found a Whole Foods near my house this week.  I wandered around the store thinking it has to be one of the most beautiful, peaceful stores.  With the dim lighting and beautifully decorated fruit stands, I think it’s a way to distract you from the fact you’ll need to get a second job to pay the bill when you check out.  Maybe they secretly spray aroma therapy into the air as you shop, to help you relax and avoid a heart attack when you check out.

I also went to dinner at the Capital Grill in Larimer Square on Wednesday.  It is a beautiful restaurant with outstanding food.  But seriously, did I need to order the 10 oz filet?  On the other hand, my dog was a very happy camper when I brought home my left overs.  Hmm…I guess in this case it really would be a doggy-bag.  Interesting.

Recipe Review:

Italian Spaghetti Squash


Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  And to this I will leave you with the thought below.
This is a lyric from an amazing song by Tiesto.        
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