Saving the Planet One Plastic Fork at a Time

food wood art spoon
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Have you ever thought about how much waste we create when we use plastic cutlery? Before the pandemic, I used to travel every week and over time I began to think about the forks and knives that I threw in the trash after grabbing a to go meal. It bothered me, so I decided that I would take silverware from my kitchen on my next flight. Well, lets just say that TSA wasn’t happy that I tried to pass through the security with a metal fork and knife. So, I discovered bamboo reusable cutlery sets.

Now you might be thinking that you aren’t traveling on planes right now. But, if you are traveling by car or getting take-out, there is still an opportunity to get down on the plastic waste going into the landfill by bringing along a reusable bamboo cutlery set. I did a quick Google search on the amount of plastic cutlery waste. It came back with estimates of over 40 billion pieces of plastic cutlery go into a landfill in the US alone each year! Whatever the actual figure is, its astonishing and so unnecessary!

I urge you to make a simple change and carry a reusable bamboo cutlery set to do your part to help Mother Earth. Below is a link to buy the sets my husband and I carry with us. Safe and conscious travels!

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