Quick Tips for Cutting Down on Sugar

close up photo of sugar cubes in glass jar
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Eat fresh or frozen fruit instead of canned in syrup.

Add fruit to cereals instead of sugar.

Replace it completely when baking.  Switch it out with equal parts unsweetened applesauce. I promise, you won’t notice the difference.

Be wary of condiments, such as ketchup and BBQ sauce.  Both can be loaded with hidden sugars. Instead swap out for mustard, salsa or hot sauce. 

Learn to read food labels.

Learn all the different names for sugar. There are 56. Yikes!  Try to avoid anything ending in “-ose”. For example, glucose, fructose, dextrose, maltose.

Buy “unsweetened” versions of foods.

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