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With the onset of the pandemic, I have transitioned to working from home full time. While that has been nice, there are other times that it becomes exhausting with no breaks or change of scenery. I’ve spoken to so many colleagues and friends that share the same sentiment and tell me how they work all the time.

Here are a few tips that I’ve incorporated into my schedule to help break up the day and take control of my personal time.

Create a Daily Routine

Get up at the same time each day as you would have if you were commuting to the office. Use the time in the morning to read, journal, spend time with family, meditate or exercise. Then start your workday just as if you were at the office. Have a shutdown routine at the end of the day just as you would if you were going to an office. This also allows for you to separate your workday from your personal time.

Have a Dedicated Workspace

If possible, have a dedicated workspace that replicates your office workspace. This will help with the routine mentioned above and provide focus to your workday. Your brain will recognize that this space is dedicated to your work and allows for higher levels of productivity. When it’s time for a break or when the day is done, you can leave the space and shut down from work.

Schedule Breaks During the Day

Take breaks during the day to go out and get some fresh air and exercise. Each afternoon I take my dog on a walk through the neighborhood. I schedule the time in my calendar between meetings and calls to rejuvenate. This helps me be more productive when I return.

Take a Lunch Break

I know that sometimes meetings are scheduled over the lunch hour; however, make a point to schedule a lunch break away from your work space and computer. Use this time to nourish your body with healthy food and to recharge your mind.

Set Boundaries

Now that our offices are within steps of our kitchens, it’s easy to get online in the evening and work until all hours of the night. I absolutely understand that there are times when this is necessary. But when you have the option to relax or check your email, choose to relax. The downtime will recharge you for the coming day.

Remember that this is your life. Its up to you to use your time wisely and make the most of it.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. 
~ Michael Altshuler ~

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