5 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Ever thought about adding some greenery to spruce up your home or office?  Inspired by all those Instagram and Pinterest posts?  But then worry about caring for them.  How much do I water, how much sun, does it need plant food?  I know, not everyone has a green thumb, but there are a surprising amount of easy-to-care for plants. Not only can it beautify your home, but there is science behind why those plants may be good for your health. 

  1. Increased Productivity 

One study found that incorporating plants into the workspace, increased productivity by 15%.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

Research shows that indoor plants are able to help rid air of common toxins. One study even found that a bromeliad plant was capable of removing 80% of six volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).   Check out this video for more details

  • Helps you Destress

Being around house plants has a calming effect on people.  One study showed that caring for plants decreased heart rate and blood pressure; therefore, decreasing your stress level.

  •  Faster Healing 

A review from Research Gate revealed that people recovering from surgery who had plants visible from their rooms or a garden to visit, actually needed less pain medication and had shorter hospital stays.  Plant and/or flowers may help speed your recovery from injury, illness or surgery.

  • Better Mental and Emotional Health

Research has shown that caring for plants, horticultural therapy, can increase a sense of well-being. Decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety. So, go green.  Buy yourself a plant, add some beauty to your indoor space and see if the  research proven benefits hold true.  

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