Seven Types of Salt

  1. Table Salt – This is the regular salt found in most salt shakers and its known as ”iodized salt”. This type of salt is mined, purified of trace minerals, and re-dehydrated to form small uniform crystals. Table salts are typically sodium chloride combined with anti-caking agents and potassium iodide. 
  2. Kosher Salt – Kosher salt is very similar to table salt except that that grains are course and its free of the above mentioned additives. 
  3. Sea Salt – This type of salt is derived from evaporated sea water. Depending on the location of the sea water, the salts can have varying taste and minerals.
  4. Himalayan Pink Salt – This salt is harvested from mines in Pakistan and it is the only salt that contains all 84 minerals found in the body. Use it sparingly as it has a strong taste and is best for finishing dishes. 
  5. Fleur De Sel – This salt is harvested from evaporated sea water from the coast of Brittany, France. This salt has a high moisture content and is best used as a finishing salt. 
  6. Red Hawaiian Salt – This salt is Hawaiian sea salt combined with red volcanic clay to create a salt with detoxifying properties. This too makes a great finishing salt as it can add a flash of color
  7.  Smoked Salts – This technique uses different wood variety’s to add unique flavor to salts. Some of the most common are Alder, Hickory and Mesquite woods.

There are an endless variety of edible salts from all over the earth. When I visited Peru, we had the opportunity to go to a salt mine and taste the local variety’s. Have fun exploring, but remember to use them sparingly.

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