Have an Attitude of Gratitude

In the world today, it seems all too easy to let negative energy weigh us down. We might find ourselves worrying about things we have no control over or complaining about little things. What if we shifted our mindset and focused on the good things in our lives?

A great way to shift to an attitude of gratitude is to write down three things each day that you’re grateful you experienced. Be as detailed or brief as you want, but really focus on the feelings that you experienced at that time. Work to carry that feeling with you throughout the day or to recall it when you’re struggling. Do this for 30 days and see if you can build a new habit of having an attitude of gratitude and being that positive influence towards those around you.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.

William Arthur Ward

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