Beat the Holiday Food Bloat

Having just finished Thanksgiving and with Christmas next week, we may all be feeling the effects of the holiday food excess.  Sugar crashes, extra weight gain and that uncomfortable abdominal bloat we get when our diet is less than ideal.  I am no exception to this rule, I tend to consume enough sugar cookies in December to consider myself a self-proclaimed cookie monster.  Usually, I eat well, but on the occasions that I do not, I find I get that abdominal bloat that makes you want to wear yoga pants 24/7.  However, this year I found something amazing.  It is called Gut Feeling from Your Super.  I simply mix 1 tsp in a Nalgene of water and drink it down.  I find it helps calm my stomach, decrease bloat and helps with overall digestion.  So, try it out this holiday season and let me know what you think. Click on this link to buy Your Super Gut Feeling today.

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