Kindness, it can Change the World

In a world full of chaos, what could we use more of?  I think the answer is kindness.  If each person worldwide did one of act of kindness each day, what a different world we would live in.  Would there be road rage, loneliness, arguments? I’m sure the answer is yes, but how much less of those things would we experience?

Kindness has the power to transform lives.  When you are kind to someone it has a ripple effect.  Maybe you smile at a stranger, who unbeknown to you is suffering a massive loss.  That smile could give them the strength to get through the day.  Or you buy the guy behind you in line at Starbucks their coffee. Maybe that person was feeling so small, that no one ever noticed them. A cup of coffee could change their day or even their life. 

Life can be difficult and by making it easier on one another, it spreads love and inspires compassion.  Think about it, we always remember how someone made us feel. So in this overwhelming state of the world, just remember to be kind.  It can be a very powerful weapon.

“How do we change the world?  One random act of kindness at a time.”

Morgan freeeman

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