How to be a Better Recycler

person sitting on the chair near the plastic containers with lables
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First and most importantly, PAY ATTENTION to what you are throwing into the bin. Stop “wish-cycling” and learn what can be recycled by your recycling center. “Wish-cycling” refers to putting more in the bin than can be recycled and hoping that it will get recycled. Guess what? It won’t.

Second, make sure that the items are made of one material. For example, the mailing envelopes lined with bubble wrap are not recyclable. If an item is glued to another item, put it in the trash.

Lastly, small items less than 3 inches can clog the sorting machines and fall out. If an item is smaller than your index finger, its better off in the trash than in the recycle bin.

Here are 3 simple rules to follow that can make us all better recyclers:

  1. Recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper and cardboard
  2. Keep all food and liquid out of the recycling bin as it can cause mold and then the items are not recyclable
  3. No loose plastic, plastic bags and DO NOT bag your recyclables

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