Shifting your Weaknesses into your greatest Strengths

Let’s all be honest, no one’s personality is perfect.  We all have those little traits deep inside of us that drive those around us crazy.  That micromanaging boss, the coworker that moves at a snail’s pace, the girl that always seems to be crying, or that friend that just can’t make a decision.  These all drive us crazy, right?  Well, all those personality quirks we get so irritated with, could they be some of our best assets? 

How about we look at all those “annoying” personality traits and see if we can give them a silver lining.  Let’s turn your biggest weakness into your biggest strength.  

  • Never satisfied – Can help you continue to achieve great things
  • Control freak – Can make you an excellent project manager
  • Depression – It has written the best songs and novels in the world
  • Overthinking – Ability to plan complex situations
  • Perfectionist – You get things done right
  • Impulsive – You can make decisions quickly. Those decisions can blow up in your face, but also save your ass
  • Constant boredom – Stimulates drive and creativity
  • The need to question everything – could make a kick ass scientist
  • Impatience – It creates urgency, driving you to an outcome

Our flaws as we tend to label them, don’t have to be negative.  We don’t have to beat ourselves up for who we are.  Those things that make us who we are, can be the drive behind what we become.  Look at some of the best songs in the world, they were written by pain and loneliness.  No one ever told Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain to get over it and find a friend.  No, it created the outlet for some of the best music ever written.  They found a way to use that part of themselves to catapult themselves into history.  Now I’m not saying they both couldn’t have used a therapist and some Prozac, but they made the best of it. 

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play them.”

Randy Pausch

So, let’s look at who and what we are and be okay with it.  You can either choose to see your weaknesses as a roadblock or choose to turn it into a stepping stone for your greatest success.  

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