Spring Clean Your Beauty Products

I absolutely love to try new beauty products. You can only imagine what my bathroom looks like. I have so many jars, tubes and bottles of stuff. Some of the items that I’ve tried have become my all-time favorites that I use all the time and others have only been used a few times. There are times when I forget that I have bought items because they get lost in the mess. So, as spring approaches and we start to see the grass turn green and the flowers bloom, why not clean out all those items in our bathrooms that no longer serve us. Here are ideas on where to start the daunting process.

Begin by pulling everything out from the drawers and under the sink. Now you can actually begin by wiping out all of the grim that collects in those areas. While you’re in the cleaning mindset, this is a great time to thoroughly wash all of your makeup brushes. Next start to look at the products and separate them into items that you use frequently and items that you haven’t touched since you brought them home from the store. For the items that you use frequently, check to make sure that they aren’t expired and then neatly place them back into their place.

Now its time to tackle the hard part – all those items that you never use and forgot that you had. The reality is that if you haven’t used if for so long that you forgot you had it, it’s probably time to dump it. Make sure to dispose of any items that are expired, broken or dried out. This is also challenging because most of the packaging used for beauty products is not recyclable. There are both paid and free programs that will take many of these items from TerraCycle. Another option is to check with your local beauty stores as they may offer ways to recycle these items. Lastly, if the packaging is accepted by your city’s recycling program, make sure that you clean them out so that they aren’t contaminated and have the best chance of making it through the recycling program and into a new product.

Another way you can clean out your cabinets is to have a swap party with your girlfriends. I’m sure if my bathroom is full of items I don’t use, I’m willing to bet that my friends look very similar. This is a great way to share lightly used products that aren’t expired and to clean out your space.

Now that you are starting with a clean slate, how do you stop from having the same issue a year from now. Keep and buy only the essentials. I keep my skincare routine as simple as possible. In the morning, I use a cleanser, vitamin-c serum and moisturizer with sunscreen. In the evening, I use a cleanser that removes make-up, retinoid cream and a heavy moisturizer. Our skin changes with the seasons and as we age. So, if you notice that a product isn’t as effective as before this is a good opportunity to look for another option. If you can go to a store to try the product or speak with a specialist, this will help from making poor choices and the bathroom cabinets filling back up. If you can only shop online, try chatting with specialists at the company, read the reviews and ask you friends for recommendations. One of my favorite companies is Credo Beauty. They carry a wide range of clean beauty products, and they are very helpful when you contact them. To learn more about the Journey to Clean Beauty Products, read this previous post.

As the beauty industry evolves, I love to research and look for new products. But I ask myself if I truly need something or if I’m just buying something to try it. I remind myself to keep it simple and to only buy items that are necessary or when another product I use is finished. I then can replace it or try something new. This helps cut down on the number of items filling the bathroom and helps save money and buy the items I really want. Check back on Wednesday to find out some of my favorite clean beauty products.

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