Declutter for Better Mental Health

Spring is upon us. And as the flowers begin to bloom, the grass turns green, and the days get longer, it brings around a sense of new.  For many of us it sparks the ritual of spring cleaning.  A time to declutter, get rid of the old and restore a sense of balance. This common practice is not just good for your home but also for your mental well-being.

Reducing clutter in any area of your life can help remove a sense of being overwhelmed.  This can include your desk, kitchen table, your bedroom floor or even your car.  Decluttering and getting organized has shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety. I know for myself when my house becomes messy or cluttered it is usually a sign that I am feeling anxious or chaotic in another area of my life. 

It’s a great time for a fresh start

As we go through our closets, dust baseboards, and recycle those magazines, it’s a perfect time for a fresh start.  Spring cleaning brings about a sense of control, boosts our self-esteem, and renews a sense of energy.  Opening us up to change.

A clean house = a happy house

We all have our own definition of “clean.” Where dirty socks on the floor may not bother you, but to some it can drive you crazy.  Some of us may be natural purgers, getting rid of unwanted things throughout the year, but there are also the pack rats.  Piles of magazines you thought you were going to read, bags of donation clothing that have not yet made it to Goodwill, or simply unfolded laundry piled on the dryer.   No matter what side of the spectrum you live on, clutter can cause anxiety and frustration.  Having your house clean and orderly brings a sense of peace to your home.

Removing clutter

No one goes into a home that is piled with junk and feels at ease.  Having a clean space free of clutter is shown to decrease anxiety.  And the actual act of cleaning is said to help reduce levels of stress as well.  One study showed that people who reported their house as dirty or chaotic had higher levels of cortisol (stress hormone). 

A clean home will make you healthier

House cleaning tasks can be labeled as exercise.  Whether it is vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom or yard work, they all burn calories.   One study showed that those individuals who kept a clean house are healthier and more active.  Besides the workout aspect, a clean home free of dust, mold and grime creates an environment for a healthier body. 


To promote a sense of well-being, your house should be a place of balance and comfort.  Notice how you feel when your space is organized and free of clutter.  So go ahead embrace the newness of spring, tackle those closets and cupboards.   And remember your home is a living space, not a storage space!

The best things in life aren’t things.

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