How Color can Affect Your Mood

Everyone has a favorite color, right? We are drawn to certain colors at different times in our lives.  Well, what we may not realize is that color can affect your subconscious.  Some believe that color can be used to promote health and well-being.

Red – An exciting and stimulating color.  Often associated with passion.

Pink –  Is a soft and tranquil color, that can inspire peace and balance.

Orange – An intense color that can make you feel invigorated.

Yellow – A cheerful and sunny color, the can improve mood and counteract stress.

Green– Is a soothing color that invites harmony and can diffuse anxiety.

Blue  – A very peaceful color, encourages a sense of calm. Helpful for stress management.

Purple– Often represents strength and wisdom.  Purple can invoke a sense of courage.

White – A symbolic color for purity and freshness. Inspiring mental clarity.

Black  – This color can represent power or elegance. 

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